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Helping You Activate your 3rd Act:

1 hour New 3rd Act Interactive Presentation

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It’s time to discover the secrets to creating your own New 3rd Act with Geoff’s 1 hour New 3rd Act Interactive Presentation.

What if you could realize the incredible opportunity for adventure and fulfillment that will be your 3rd Act?  Throw off outdated ideas of “retirement” – from what? – the world? – and discover what you are really here to do and be!

If you have reasonable health and some income, it is no longer about working for others, it’s about creating your new life of joy & fulfillment!

Frustrated with outdated attitudes to “Seniors” and “retirement” and “keeping busy” nonsense?

Geoff Crinean shows new and soon-to-be “retirees” (he hates that word!) a fresh and powerful path to activate a wonderful Third Act.  It might include generation income, but it is mainly about living a fulfilling, engaged life.  Those now over 55 & under 72 are the first generating with a prospective HEALTHY and ACTIVE more than 20 years ahead!  This means that suddenly there are new and exciting criteria & challenges for the New Third Act and time to discover the secrets to creating your own New 3rd Act! 

In the 1 hour New 3rd Act Interactive Presentation, you’ll discover:

  • The 7 essential keys to your 3rd act

  • How to assess your personal 3rd Act plan & process – and to discover what’s missing

  • The one foundational thing everyone misses, that is essential for success

  • Your 3rd Act lifestyle – the important components

  • The number one misstep that is causing unhappiness & depression in conventional “retirement” and a fast way to turn it around

Geoff is the founder of  activateyour3rdact.com and the creator of programs like “Jumpstart Your 3rd Act” and “Deepening Your 3rd Act”.

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Geoff’s main credential is that he is developed his own successful 3rd Act!  He speaks Australian (he grew up in Melbourne) and he’s had multiple careers – starting with a doctorate in nuclear physics in Australia (he says it really IS rocket science), then an IT career, then management & consulting & sales.  He has worked on 3 continents (he still travels a lot).  Apart from his PhD., he’s a certified professional coach, International Coaching Federation member, Bigger Game facilitator, meditation teacher (40 years) – and he’ll tell you a lot more if you need to hear it.