Jumpstart Your 3rd Act!

2 Day Interactive Workshop

Halifax | Toronto | Boston | Ajijic, Mexico

Discover your next steps for creating a meaningful and joyful 3rd stage of life – jumpstart within a group of committed allies to help you stay on track.

Feel Like The Time is Approaching to
Make a Change in Your Life,
But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Join the Third Act Community to explore and accomplish those important things you never had time for – your deepest, often hidden dreams!

We provide training and support for you – to activate your own inherent wisdom – in creating your long life of adventure, fun, and meaning.

In this two-day interactive workshop, you will learn:


  • The main components of your 3rd Act and how they work together.

  • The actions you need to take immediately to design or reshape your “retirement” into a successful 3rd Act

  • The 3rd Act Lens – a helpful and fun new way to see and develop your 3rd Act – and identify where to place attention to move it forward day-to-day.

The workshop is fun – and you get to meet other folks who are also working on their 3rd Acts.


 There will be interactive presentations, coaching from Geoff, and lots of discussion!

When & Where?

Join a community of like-minded folks as motivated as you are and enroll them to become allies in your journey.


Date: TBA
Venue: TBA

Pre-registration is required


Date: TBA
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Pre-registration is required


Date: TBA
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Pre-registration is required


Date: TBA
Venue: TBA

Pre-registration is required

In all my previous workshops, participants have enjoyed getting together a few weeks after the workshop to compare notes on how they are doing and learn more as they proceed to develop their path. 

I’m sure this one will be no exception!

A community is an essential component of a successful 3rd Act! 

Activate Your 3rd Act to feel your lifeforce return and live a life full of joy and meaning by discovering the 7 Keys of a Successful 3rd Act.

Start Shaping Your New Life

Move past boredom, mild depression, and empty activities. Instead, choose the path of meaning, joy and real relaxation. Take bold action and feel the lifeforce returning.

Learn Keys to 3rd Act Success

Understanding the pillars that determine our behaviors, thoughts & beliefs is key to moving forward. A balanced approach to self-care and visioning provides the framework to embrace your unique path.

Develop Your 90-Day 3rd Act Plan

From in-depth discussions and the support of like-minded individuals, you will gain the confidence and clarity to create your personalized 90-Day 3rd Act Plan.

Enjoy Follow Up Support

Enjoy a group follow-up meeting 2 weeks after the Jumpstart Your 3rd Act event for additional support and discussions with fellow program participants.

My Approach

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, my approach balances self-awareness and courageous action to create an environment where individuals can be deeply fulfilled, connected to others and successful in what matters most.

The “Co” in Co-Active suggests relationship, connection, intimacy and collaboration. Thus, the “Co” in us is curious, listens deeply, hears nuance, holds space for others, intuits and nurtures.

The “Active” in Co-Active stands for power, direction, action and manifestation. So, the “Active” in us is courageous, has clarity and conviction, takes charge and achieves goals.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Your path to discovery and fulfillment begins with communication. Schedule a 1:1 Consult with Geoff to begin your journey to 3rd Act fulfillment.


Choose The Best Starting Point

1:1 Coaching
The Jumpstart Your 3rd Act  Workshop
Deepening Your 3rd Act

Live Your Amazing 3rd Act

Start with single step to begin to create the amazing 3rd Act you’ e worked towards all your life. It’s fun, it’s balanced, it’s really living!

The Third Act Adventure Movement provides healthy people aged over 50 with the best inspiration, tools, and support, through online courses, workshops, retreats, and Third Act 1:1 sessions. Together with my treasured allies, I'm living my wonder-filled Third act - and I invite you to join me in finding your unique way into this exciting time of life.

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