Are You Truly Ready For the 3rd Act?

Self-Assessment 3rd Act Quiz

6 Questions


Ponder these questions and think about your response. Would it be a resounding YES!, or an apprehensive No?

1. Without good health, it is hard to live a fulfilling Third Act. My health is good enough for me to be active and I am working to improve it by exercising regularly and eating reasonably.  Generally, I am satisfied with my health.


2. I have sufficient income for the things I want to do with enough for trips and the occasional luxury at least.


3. I have a good social network. I am happy with my partner, family, and friends.  I spend time with them as much as I want and they need. I also have friends and colleagues who support and challenge me in my 3rd Act activities.  They are interested in what I do and are good thinking partners.


4. I have a good relationship with my Spirituality and don’t feel the need to deepen my understanding of who I am and why I am here.


5. I am happy and well balanced in what I do between pleasure activities and activities with meaning that help create the legacy I would like to leave.


6. I schedule my days and create a good balance between all my regular and special activities.


Did you answer Yes! to the majority of these questions? Then congratulations! You are well positioned to embrace the 3rd Act of life!

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“The 7 Keys To A Successful 3rd Act!”

As you can appreciate, there are many layers to consider when faced with this pivotal 3rd stage of life. This free E-Book will help you:

“Retirement” is a myth. Sure, after a long career, often including great stress, it’s wonderful to have a sabbatical. Relax, go on a cruise, work the golf game, party, see lots of movies… But the sabbatical ends. That’s usually when people realize, with a possible 20 or more healthy years to go – now I need to navigate a successful Third Act! What is it? It’s not “work”, and it’s not all “play”. It’s something else. ”
“What am I here to do?” – beyond raising a family & having a pleasant life. “What’s the best use of me?” “What’s my legacy?” “What do I want to do with the rest of my life, so when I die there will be no regrets?” These are big – HUGE – questions we need to address. If the answers turn out to be about hobbies and charity, that’s FINE. For many people though, there is the sense that there is something more, something else to be addressed.



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