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Geoff Crinean


I guide people, 50+, who are approaching traditional retirement, or who are already ‘retired’ to embrace the 3rd stage of their lives – by helping them discover their deepest aspirations for this life, recognize their inherent wisdom, and fully activate their successful 3rd Act!

My Mission

To activate a movement of people aged 50+ – who are all creating their own, unique 3rd Act with passion – and who will leave a proud legacy while leading a life of joy.

My Approach

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, my approach is to trust that each person has a heart of strength, goodness, and wisdom.  I aim to help open the hearts and minds of people to find the right balance of being and doing for their 3rd Act.  My first career was as a nuclear physicist, where I learned the profundity – and the limits – of science.  I bring the benefits of that learning, combined with training in many businesses, spiritual, and life disciplines together with my coaching skills – to open out the profound challenges each person faces in creating their 3rd Act.

I am curious about everyone I meet.  I am passionate to help each person find what’s in their heart, teach them a way to move forward while continuing to grow and learn.  We all need to learn more about working with fear, recognizing interconnectedness, and finding the love & confidence to offer what we know will benefit our world.  The 50+ generation is about to become the “elder” generation for our society.  Goodness knows society needs whatever wisdom and help we can offer in these difficult and challenging times!  My many wonderful teachers and my own experience have led me to discover how to cut through the complexity and follow a simple step-by-step way to activate a successful 3rd Act.  My own 3rd Act is to share it with whoever is ready and up for the challenge.  I hope you will join me!