Everything you’ve learned & done has led to this moment.  Your 3rd Act is a pivotal stage in your life – the time to finally get to what you REALLY want to do – and fulfill the legacy you’d like to leave.

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So, you’re “retired”, or nearly so.
Well, now what?

Embrace it! Activate Your 3rd Act and learn to
Commit passionately to your lifelong dream!

We don’t buy into the “retirement” myth! Join the Movement to create your Third Act adventure, learn the 7 Keys to turn boring, small potatoes “retirement” into a successful Third Act.


What are you REALLY here to do?

What do you REALLY want for this time of your life?

What proud legacy would you like to leave?


Join the Third act Community to explore and accomplish those important things you never had time for – your deepest, often hidden, dreams!


We provide training and support for you – to activate your own inherent wisdom – in creating your long life of adventure, fun, and meaning. And you will join a community of like-minded folks as motivated & fun-loving as you are.


I’ve spent 20 years finding the best ways to develop my own Third Act – an amazingly joyful & fulfilling experience it is! – and I’d like to share my unique approach with you.


From one successful Third Actor to another – YOU! – join me on this great adventure that we have spent our whole lives preparing to enjoy!

We are by no means done yet folks!

Hello. I'm Geoff Crinean



I guide people, 50+, who are approaching traditional retirement, or who are already ‘retired’ to embrace the 3rd stage of their lives – by helping them discover their deepest aspirations for this life, recognize their inherent wisdom, and fully activate their successful 3rd Act!

My Mission

To activate a movement of people aged 50+ – who are all creating their own, unique 3rd Act with passion – and who will leave a proud legacy while leading a life of joy.

A great 3rd Act relies on finding meaning and fulfillment. Learn the key aspects that make for a great 3rd Act with this free downloadable resource – “The 7 Keys To A Successful 3rd Act!”



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Jumpstart Your 3rd Act!

2 Day Interactive Workshop

Halifax | Toronto | Boston | Ajijic, Mexico

Discover your next steps for creating a meaningful and joyful 3rd stage of life – jumpstart within a group of committed allies to help you stay on track.

Deepening Your 3rd Act!

5 Day Coaching Retreat

Nova Scotia, Canada | Ajijic, Mexico

Learn to activate your lifeforce to complete the transition to your brilliant new 3rd stage of life.



"Geoff makes a great coach because he has a rich consulting and entrepreneurial background - so he has walked the talk. He also has a high degree of integrity in his practice and had no hesitation in telling me our work together was done."

Hal Richman

Training & Performance Manager

"Geoff is one of those rare individuals who embodies a tremendous amount of character and knowledge. Conversations with Geoff bring out insights that are beneficial both the personal and professional level. Time spent with Geoff is always a pleasure."

David MacGillivray

Associate Investment Advisor

"Geoff is a fantastic life coach. He helped me determine where my priorities were, set goals and acheive the results I wanted - without telling me what to do! I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to enhance any part of their life."

Jennifer Mills

Entrepreneurial Consultant

"I first met Geoff as part of a C-suite coaching initiative by the company where I was employed. From our one on one sessions there came a truly defining moment. I started exploring the next stage of my life, new ideas, and retirement, all with a renewed passion and excitement. How fortunate to have worked with someone as talented and engaging as Geoff. He was instrumental in changing my joy of life."

Michael Forward

President, Datarite

The Third Act Adventure Movement provides healthy people aged over 50 with the best inspiration, tools, and support, through online courses, workshops, retreats, and Third Act 1:1 sessions. Together with my treasured allies, I'm living my wonder-filled Third act - and I invite you to join me in finding your unique way into this exciting time of life.

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